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2018 Bowman

So far 2018 Bowman has been very good to the #scifam to say the least!  Our first case produced an Ohtani atomic auto, and later that day Jess hit an Ohtani blue auto -- pretty tough for her to ever step in mid case and pull something better!  I like the card design, there have been years past where I wasn't a fan, but this is nice.  From what I've seen, mint centering will certainly command a premium, as most of what I've seen personally are not 55/45 or better.  

Does this remind any of my long time collecting friends of 2010?  Remember the good old days, when Strasburg and Harper base chromes were selling for $50 each?  I remember setting up at shows and I couldn't keep them in stock.  Or dealers yelling back and forth across the show asking how many you had left in hopes of taking everyone else out of them!  #TheGoodOleDays

We have never seen a prospect anywhere near these prices so enjoy it.  I hope to see you this weekend and happy breaking!