One-Stop Shop! Group Breaks, Boxes, Grading, Consigment, & We're Always Buying!

Services Offered

What We Sell

We strive to offer the best selection of individual wax packs and boxes from Panini, Topps, Upper Deck, & Gaming. Single cards for also availale for purchase, both raw and graded. Looking for that unique piece of memorabilia? We carry plenty of that as well and the selection is always changing.

What We Buy

We are constantly looking to purchase older wax boxes and packs, single cards or entire collections, and any memorabilia that may strike our fancy. Not sure what somethings worth? Feel free to bring it by the shop for a quote.


Have a card or collection you want to sell, but don't know how or have the EBay following to do so? We're happy to offer consignment for both cards pulled in breaks or sent/dropped off at the store.

Our current rate for eBay is a flat 20%. We ask any card consigned with us be valued at a minimum of $5-$10. If you have questions about what your card is currently selling for, EBay sold listings are are a good reference guide.

This can be from your cards pulled in our breaks or packages of cards you would like to send us. Our goal is to be the fastest turn around time for in house items. Do not worry about auction ending date. At this point, everything is doing well 7 night a week and all auctions will be scheduled for night time. 


Please send us a note or give us a call with the cards you would like to consign with us. Cards will be somewhat pre screened. We cannot take hours and hours to list $1 card to make nothing after listing. Please realize many many common game used and autos only sell for $.50-$2 at times. If your items do not make sense for us to list IE you send a box full of common inserts, you will be asked to pay the return shipping.  

No lots, no in person or uncertified autographs, no memorabilia, no sets, no reprint cards and PLEASE no cards that you even think could have been altered. Please take this with a grain of salt, this will expand at a later date. 

You will be able to track your ebay auctions on SCIGroupBreaks ebay page by your last initials. 

Once your item has been paid for, if you have an open invoice of any kind, your invoice will be credited and you will be sent a PM with what was credited. If you do not have an open invoice we can send you paypal friends or can work out another method of payment if need be. 

Lastly, please realize that ebay's return policy is very strict, we have returns off BUT still items have been returned. If your item is returned and re-listed and sells for less / more you will be notified. 


We're proud to offer Beckett group batch grading service. We currently offer BGS - 30 Day Grading Service.

Please realize that "30 day" is just a TERM they use. Expect this to be minimum 3 months turn around time.

If you would like to send some cards for grading, please drop us an e-mail or giv us a call.

Cost is $20 per card. Autograph cards will be $20 + $2. You will also pay cost of shipping back to you from this sub. We will handle the BGS shipping for now.

These will be ROLLING submissions. Once a sub is full and submitted, cards in line will be sent next.

If you would like your cards wiped with a microfiber cloth that is $1 more per cards.

At this time please refrain from sending booklet cards.